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Spray booth

Standard PLUS 7.2x5.2

from PLN 99,000 gross

Car paint booth

External dimensions:7200x5200x3800mm

Internal dimensions:7100x5100x3100mm

Entry gate: 4000x3800 mm (four leaves)

Service door:640x1800mm

Construction:high-grade steel

Heat exchanger:high-grade steel

Panels:filled with mineral wool


Construction of the walls of the spray booth

  • Thickness 75mm
  • Filling: quadruple-pressed mineral wool, this technique provides excellent insulation, both thermal and acoustic.
  • Outer layers: Sheet metal protected against corrosion 0.5mm;
  • Top covering: triple layer of acrylic paint (RAL)
  • Panels in the tongue and groove system.
  • CE certification
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Base of the spray booth

  •     Cross structure made of galvanized steel provides a stable base for the filtering system. This solution provides a high load capacity.
  • The floor is fully grated. Sliding grilles for easy removal when changing filters and cleaning the base of the cabin.
  • Under the main grilles, support grilles were installed to maintain the stability of the filtration system.
        In addition, ramps for each cabin in the amount of 2 pcs.

Cab roof

 Double Roof:
  • Top outer layer
    • 50mm insulated panels
  • Internal design
    • truss with ceiling filter.
Stiffened skeletal structure prevents vibrations and the effect of the rush of air flowing from the main air supply duct.
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Air exchange system

                               System nawiewowy
  • Turbina strumieniowa 5.5kW – 2 sztuki;

  • Wydajność 30000m3/h (2 x 15000 m3/h);

  • Ciśnienie statyczne: 800 Pa;

  • Turbina obudowana, normy EN 60204-1;

  • Turbina „LOW NOISE” 78dB przy 13000.

  • Wentylatory z napędem bezpośrednim

  • Sterowanie obiegiem powietrza: pneumatyczne

Extraction system
  • Extraction system

  • Jet turbine 7.5kW - 1 piece;

  • Capacity: 20000m3/h;

  • Static pressure: 800 Pa;

  • Casing turbine, standards EN 60204-1;

  • "LOW NOISE" turbine 79dB at 20000m3/h.

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ceiling lights
  • Coffers set at an angle of 45 degrees;

  • Connecting 36 pcs. per cabin;

  • Power: 18W;

  • 1000 Lumens.

Thanks to the use of so many points of light

and lighting technology with appropriate intensity and color, it is possible to work without shadow effects.

Side lights
  • LED box 120x30cm;

  • Total 12pcs. on the cabin;

  • Power: 48W.

Dedicated low-voltage PSU power supplywith CE standard

attached to each lamp prevents voltage drops,

flashing of lamps and extends the life of the lighting system.

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Air heating system

Single Stage Oil Burner Riello RG5S 295 kW
  • Burner controlka: electronically

  • Heat exchanger with heat-resistant high-grade steel STAINLESS STEEL 304;

  • Three-way design increasing the efficiency of the exchanger;

  • Flange and fireplace elbow - heat-resistant steel

podłoga (1).png

Communication in the spray booth

main door
  • Dimensions 4000x3800mm;

  • 4-leaf door system;

  • Placed on reinforced hinges.

Service door
  • Cab equipped with service door;

  • Pressure locks.

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Spray booth filtration

Air intake / intake
Pre-filter in the form of a pocket filter: allows them to be used in cabins equipped with turbines with a power of up to 11kW and an air flow of 41000m3 / h without the risk that the air draft will tear the filter out of the frame, which is also helped by the stable construction of the mounting ffilter.
filtr wstępny.png
  • Ceiling Filter:

    • Main filtration (high flow).

  • Filter Specification:

    • Weight - 600g/m3;

    • Thickness - 50mm;

    • Air flow - 900m3/h;

    • Initial resistance - 30Pa;

    • Final resistance - 450Pa;

    • Capture efficiency - 97%;

    • air speed - 0.25 m/s;

    • Dust retention - 650g/m3;

    • max. temp. - 100 C;

    • Filtration class (EN 779) - M5;

    • Fire resistance (DIN 53438) - F1

"PAINT STOP" floor filters

  • They capture and bind paint mist that has not settled on the painted surface and falls to the floor;
  • Made of chopped and irregularly arranged glass fibers, bonded with a small amount of polyester resin into a spatial structure, specially designed to capture excess paint during production and repairs.
  • Weight - 250g/m3;
  • Thickness - 70-75mm;
  • Initial resistance - 12Pa;
  • Final resistance - 130Pa;
  • Capture efficiency - 95% Max. temp. - 180 C;
  • Filtration class (DIN24185 and EN 779) - G3;
  • Colour: Air inlet side - green;
  • Air outlet side - white
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Price from PLN 99,000 gross

Additional options

  • Boxes on the roof of the cabin

  • Insulated roof

  • Pass-through door

  • Riello gas burner (depending on model)

  • Stainless steel boxes

  • Galvanized gratings (hot dip)

  • Inner curtain

  • Screw compressor

  • Water curtain

  • Color from the RAL palette

  • Nozzles, touch screens and other accessories etc.

  • cab version in EX

The car paint booth is the basic device of paint repair technology, enabling painting works to be carried out in safe and comfortable conditions, while minimizing their negative impact on the immediate surroundings and the environment
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External dimensions:7200x5200x3800mm | Internal dimensions:7100x5100x3100mm

Entry gate: 4000x3800 mm (four leaves) | service door:640x1800mm

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